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Stella Jean

for Alcantara®

Ph. Soccio courtesy of Altaroma


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Stella Jean is a young Haitian-born designer who lives and works in Rome. She grew up in a family where art, fashion and beauty were attributes present in everyday life. Stella Jean's passion for fashion is a dream that began to come true when she walked down the catwalk for the first time in an Egon von Furstenberg wedding dress. Stella Jean's style reflects and evokes her Creole legacy, blending the two cultures of her continent: the ancient and the dreamy legacy of the old culture and the modern verve of the new culture. The two opposites meet, intertwine and merge to form a precious femininity. Stella Jean creates her clothes, skipping the design step and using the talent of Madeleine Vionnet which is essential for shaping and draping the dress on the body: "...designing for a three dimensional body cannot be entrusted to paper." Stella Jean is learning the art of fabric painting from Nadia Valli. "in addition to considerable preparation, fabric painting requires strong talent, artistic sensibility, a tradition of craftsmanship and plenty of patience. These are the ingredients of my slow-fashion concept."

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