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stain removal
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Stain removal


smaller stains

, if specific products are not on hand, follow these instructions.

- Act immediately, within 30 minutes of the stain's formation.

- First, remove the substance which has been spilled with a spoon or plastic spatula, if it is dense (yoghurt, jam, etc.), or with a white paper towel or sponge if it is liquid.

- Never pour the cleaning product directly on the material; rather, use a white cloth or a well-wrung sponge (rinse in clean water each time after wiping and wring out well).

- Try to reduce the stain by working from the edge towards the centre; do not scrub hard, otherwise it could spread or penetrate more deeply.

Depending on the type of stain, you can use water, lemon juice, or pure ethyl alcohol (grain alcohol) as a stain removal agent. Please read the treatment instructions below.

Water-soluble stains:

- Fruit juice, jam, gelatine, syrup, ketchup: lukewarm water; rinse by blotting with clean water.

- Blood, egg, feces, urine: cold water (avoid warm water, which could coagulate these substances); rinse by blotting with clean water.

- Liquor, wine, beer, Coca-Cola, tea: lukewarm water; treat any traces of colour with lemon juice, then rinse well.

- Copying pencil, cocoa, chocolate, custard and chocolate sweets, ice cream, mustard: lukewarm water; rinse by blotting with clean water.

- Vinegar, hair gel, tomato sauce, coffee sweetened with sugar: lemon juice, then lukewarm water; rinse by blotting with clean water.

NON-water-soluble stains:

- Lipstick, foundation, mascara, eye shadow, perfume, shoe polish, oil and grease, grass stains, markers (including permanent markers): blot with ethyl alcohol, then water, and rinse. Grass and marker stains, especially on light-coloured material, must be treated as soon as possible to keep them from drying.

- Chewing gum and wax: put ice in a plastic bag and set it on the stain; when the substance hardens, chip it away, then treat with ethyl alcohol.

Stubborn stains:

Try repeating the treatments described several times; even stains which are not water-soluble often require subsequent treatment with water.

Old stains of unknown origin:

First treat with lukewarm water, then rinse by blotting with clean water.

If you see the stain begin to dissolve, repeat the treatment; let dry, and if necessary, treat with ethyl alcohol.

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