Shape your life! Alcantara-MAXXI Project

Rome, October 

Can design do something to make us feel "at home away from home"? This was the challenge for the eight young designers selected for the Shape Your Life! exhibition, the second stage in an Alcantara/MAXXI Museum project.

Who is on Next?

Rome, July

Testifying to its privileged relations with the world of fashion design, Alcantara is a partner of Who Is On Next?, a project developed and mounted by Alta Roma in cooperation with Vogue Italia and 11 emergent fashion designers: Alessia Xoccato, Barbara Casasola, Benedetta Bruzzichies, Charline de Luca, Conspiracy, Giancarlo Petriglia, Koonhor, Marcobologna, Mario Chiarella, San Andrés Milano, Suzanne Susceptible, Zanchetti. Each fashion designer creates an outfit or accessory made entirely in Alcantara for their collection.

Alcantara the Future Landscape

Milan Design Week, April 

For "The Future Landscape" installation the use of the material transcends a mere covering function to interpret a "green" conception of the future.

Alcantara Shanghai Event

Shanghai, April 

The extraordinary crossover world of Alcantara introduces itself to a Chinese audience in a special venue and presents an amazing Dollhouse.