The Automotive Ecosystem On the Global Road To Sustainability. The Asian Perspective

Alcantara Company in partnership with the Venice International University (VIU) and with the support of the Center for Automotive and Mobility Innovation – CAMI, organized the second edition of the International Symposium on Sustainability titled “The automotive ecosystem on the global road to sustainability. The Asian perspective”.

This year’s edition started from the premises of 2014 meeting and focused on the debate about the sustainability issue in a context of global interactions between producers and markets. Through presentations, keynote speeches and open discussions, the Symposium contributed to build a shared vision on sustainability, orientate sustainable actions in the future and address future trends concerning sustainability policies, also considering the events that have shaken the whole automotive system to its roots. Major experts from Academia, Industry and NGOs underlined the imminent need to harmonize sustainability regulations among Asia, Europe and USA:

Academic contributors:

Prof. Guido Palazzo - HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne, Director of Strategy, Globalization and Society Department (Switzerland)
Prof. Yasuhiro Daisho - Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University (Japan)
Prof. Ye Wu - School of Environment, Tsinghua University (China)
Dr. Takashi Inoue - President and CEO of Inoue Public Relations Inc. & Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University (Japan)
Prof. Joseph Sarkis - Professor of Management, Department Head, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA)
Prof. Fabrizio Ferraro - Professor of Strategic Management, IESE Business School (Spain)
Prof. Bas Verplanken - Professor of Social Psychology, University of Bath (UK)

Industry contributors:

Ursula Mathar - Head of Sustainability and Environmental Protection at BMW Group (Germany)
Ms. Utsumi Atsuko - Project General Manager, Strategic Planning Department, Beijing branch, Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (China)
Mr. Yoshikazu Tanaka - Chief engineer of Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell car (Japan)
Mr. Andrea Boragno - CEO & Chairman Alcantara S.p.A. (Italy)

NGOs contributors:

Dr. Wanda Lopuch - Chair of the Board at Global Sourcing Council (USA)
Dr. Marco Lambertini - Director General of WWF International
Prof. Marco Frey - Chairman at Global Compact Network Italia

Greetings and conclusions has been done by Umberto Vattani, President of Venice International University.

Sustainability is a strong belief that Alcantara has translated into concrete action for over six years now. Since 2009 Alcantara has drafted an annual Sustainability Report, subjecting it to the thorough control and certification of international institution TÜV SÜD.