変化への対応:地球温暖化と脱炭素社会 第4回国際シンポジウム

立した Alcantara S.p.A は、国際シンポジウム『変化への対応:地球温暖化と脱炭素社会』をヴェネツィア
学者、トップ企業の経営者、科学系ライター、政府および NGO 関係者が集い、地球温暖化と脱炭素化が人々



Mr. Andrea Boragno - CEO & Chairman Alcantara S.p.A
Onorevole Giovanna Melandri – Founder and Chairman of the Human Foundation - Giving and Innovating, Chairman of the MAXXI Foundation – National Museum of XXI Century arts
Dr. Barbara Buchner - Executive Director of Climate Finance program, Climate Policy Initiative
Dr. Georg Kell – Founder and former Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, Chairman of Arabesque Partner
Dr. Daniel Klingenfeld - Head of the Director's Staff, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Ms. Cecilia Tam - Senior Energy Analyst, International Energy Agency (IEA)
Dr. Hirohide Furutani – Director, Renewable Energy Research Center, Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Deputy Director, Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute
Mr. Ernesto Ciorra - Head of Innovability (Innovation and Sustainability), Enel Group
Dr. Kimitaka Yamane – President, Doctor of Engineering, Yamane Hydrogen Energy Research Laboratory
Dr. Paul Jefferiss - Head of Policy, Long Term Planning and Policy, BP
Mr. Yoshikazu Tanaka – Chief Engineer ZF MS Product Planning Mid-size Vehicle Company, Toyota Motor Corporation
Dr. Hermann Pengg - Head of Project Management e-fuels, Audi AG
Mr. Takashi Moriya - Senior Chief Engineer Technology Development Division 5, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile R&D Center
Mr. Ryo Chishiro – Senior Staff Officer, Hydrogen Project Development Center, Corporate Technology Division, Kawasaki Heavy Industries
Mr. Paul Voosen - Earth and planetary reporter, Science
Mr. Carl Zimmer - Science writer, blogger and columnist at The New York Times
Mr. Alex Kasprak - Science writer,
Mr. Leo Lewis - Tokyo Correspondent of Financial Times
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