The result of a unique, exclusive technology, Alcantara is a truly cutting-edge material which can be used to cover any shape or surface, offering unparalleled aesthetic, technical and sensory qualities.

Obtained through a sophisticated industrial and craftsmanship  process – the exact details of which remain a secret to this day – Alcantara embodies the new paradigm of contemporary lifestyle. In addition to being elegant and soft to the touch, it is soft, durable and easy to care. Furthermore, it can assume any aesthetic form it is required to. A “material of the future” – as it was once defined by a famous Italian artist – which represents

the intersection of current trends: technology, functionality and emotions come together and are expressed in a thousand different ways. That is established Company tradition. Due to its distinguishing features, Alcantara does not fall into any one product category. Classifying this unique material would fail to do it justice. Alcantara is in a category of its own.

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Alcantara is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A. The small "®" plays a big role, identifying the technology and advantages of using Alcantara, as well as providing a guarantee against imitations.

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monolith 5cm

100% made in Italy

the ideal cover for adding beauty to all types of surfaces




warmin thewinter and cool in the summer

low maintenance, can be washed and ironed

resistant to light andheat also ideal for outdooruse

a material that provides high-gripsurface and comfort

In order to preserve the beauty of Alcantara it is recommended that regular cleaning is carried out. A common maintenance for a special product.

Read more about the maintenance

Recommended cleaning products are produced by the following manufacturers: Fenice, James, Perrone.

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