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This website, (the “Site”), managed by Alcantara S.p.A., with registered office in Via Mecenate no. 86, (20138) Milan, Italy; contact email:; fax: +39-02-58030316 (“Alcantara”), uses various types of cookies to ensure the correct functioning of the Site and improve your browsing experience on the Site. The Site also uses several cookies to statistically assess its performance and how it is used, as well as, after obtaining your consent, to show you – while you browse the internet – advertising messages for Alcantara products and services you have shown interest in.

Through the Site, Alcantara may also process some of your personal data. Note that this processing shall be carried out in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR (Reg. (EU) no. 679/2016) and art. 122 of the Italian Privacy Code (Legislative Decree 196/2003, as amended).


Cookies are small text strings that a website you visit can send to the computer or device you are using for browsing (usually to your browser) for the purpose of storing certain information. This way, the site you visited will recognise you on each subsequent visit and, in some cases, when you browse other websites. By visiting a site, your computer may also receive cookies sent by websites or web services different from the one visited (“third parties”).

Cookies may have various characteristics, and be used for various purposes, including:

  • TECHNICAL COOKIES: used to enable the website to work smoothly and ensure that the user has a suitable browsing experience. If these are blocked, the site visited might not function correctly;
  • STATISTICAL OR ANALYTICS COOKIES: used to process statistics to optimise the functionality of a site and to understand how visitors interact with the site;
  • PROFILING COOKIES: used to understand users through their browsing habits, to enable the owner of the site or third parties to send users customised advertising messages.



The technical cookies used on the Site, shown in the table below, are required to ensure the correct functioning of the Site and to improve your browsing experience. These cookies are automatically enabled when you access the Site and cannot be disabled.

Cookie Duration Purpose Type
cookies-accept 1 year Stores the status of the user’s consent to cookies for the Site HTML
cookies-ga 1 year Stores the status of the user’s consent to cookies for the Site HTML
cookies-prof 1 year Stores the status of the user’s consent to cookies for the Site HTML
visitedPage 1 year Stores the page where the cookies banner was displayed HTML
RT 6 days This cookie is used to identify the users through an application. This allows users to access a website via their LinkedIn application, for example. HTTP

The information stored by the above mentioned technical cookies, in so far as they may enable the identification of the user (as a natural person) by linking such information with other unique identifiers, may fall under the definition of “personal data” in accordance with the definition thereof in the GDPR. The data collected and processed using those cookies are not shared by Alcantara with any third party that is an autonomous data controller.


The Site uses analytic cookies to collect, in aggregate form, information on Site traffic and to generate statistics on the use of the Site. Those cookies, as set up, are equivalent to technical cookies. Thus, these cookies are automatically enabled when you access the Site, though users may disable them using cookie preferences management dashboard or by clicking on “cookies preferences” at the foot of the Site.

Specifically, for the above, the Site uses Google Analytics, which is a web analysis service provided by Google LLC (“Google”), which uses online identifiers, such as IP addresses, client IDs and device identifiers for statistics purposes. Alcantara has adopted functionalities that reduce the identification power of cookies (by masking a significant portion of the IP addresses that are collected by cookies). Moreover, as part of that service, Google does not cross-reference the information collected with other information in its possession. For more information, see the following Google policy “How Google Uses Information from Sites or Apps that Use Our Services”.


The Site uses certain profiling cookies to track the interests of visitors and, thus, send visitors customised advertising messages from Alcantara based on the preferences shown in the visitors’ browsing habits on the Site. These cookies are not required to access and browse the Site and will only be used by the Site if you expressly consent. You can change your choices concerning profiling cookies at any time by using the specific preferences management dashboard or clicking on “cookies preferences” at the foot of the Site.


With your consent, we will enable the advertising functions of the Google Analytics service and the Google Ads service (Doubleclick domain). Thus, we may collect certain data (online identifiers, including cookie and IP address identifiers and device identifiers, client IDs and data regarding your actions on the Site and on the internet) in order to include you in segments of the Site audience interested in our remarketing campaigns and show you our advertisements on the Google Display Network and the Google search network, based on your actions on the Site. We may also generate reports to monitor conversions (i.e. actions you carry out on the Site after viewing one of our advertisements). We manage remarketing tags through Google Tag Manager.

The data collected will be shared with Google Ireland Ltd., which provides the Google Ads services we use to conduct remarketing campaigns on the Google Display Network. In providing those services, Google Ireland Ltd. shall process your data in compliance with its privacy policy, which can be viewed here. We will not provide your data to third party advertisers.

Revocation and management of consent

Google Analytics: you can disable the advertising functions of Google Analytics that we use, at any time, by using this function.

Google Ads: you can choose not to use Google cookies to customise advertisements, by using this setting.

In addition to the above, you ca use all the other methods indicated in the section “How to Manage Cookie Preferences” of this policy.


If you interact with certain multimedia content included on our Site, the Site will also use the following cookies:

  • Youtube: cookies used by Youtube if you use the services embedded on the Site. The browsing data attributable to users and the cookies are processed by Google to provide the services requested and for its own profiling purposes. For more information, see the Google privacy policy available here. You can disable the use of cookies by Google at any time, using this tool or the other channels indicated in the section “How to Manage Cookie Preferences” in this policy.
  • Youkou: cookies used by Youkou if you use the services embedded in the Site (,, The browsing data attributable to users and the cookies are processed by Youkou Tudou Inc. to provide the services requested and for its own profiling purposes. For more information, see the privacy policy made available by Youkou. To disable the cookies used by Youkou, in addition to the channels it provides, you can, at any time, use the tools indicated in the section “How to Manage Cookie Preferences” of this policy.



The Site’s homepage contains icons for the following social networks: Facebook®, Instagram®, Twitter®, LinkedIn®, YouTube®, Weibo, Youkou and Tudou. Clicking on those icons will route you to the company pages of Alcantara on those social networks (direct link).

Note that we are not involved in the processing of personal data that those social networks will carry out following your interaction with the various icons. Therefore, for more information on how those networks process your data, please see their privacy policies.


Upon accessing the Site, you will receive a short notice with a brief description of the types of cookies used on the Site (a banner). To agree to the use of all profiling cookies, click on the “accept all cookies” button. Otherwise, you can manage your preferences by accessing the preferences management dashboard via the “manage preferences” button.

You can always manage and change your cookie preferences, even subsequently, using “cookies preferences” at the foot of each page. You can also use the following services:

  • Block third party cookies: third party cookies are not generally necessary for browsing, so you can refuse them by default, via the specific functions of your browser. To find out what browser type and version you are using, click on “Help” at the top of your browser window, where you can access all the necessary information. If, instead, you know your browser type and version, just click on the link for the browser you are using to access the cookie management page.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox


  • Enable Do Not Track: the Do Not Track option is present in most next generation browsers. When this option is enabled on websites designed to comply with this option, they should automatically stop collecting all browsing data. However, not all websites are structured in a manner that complies with this option (it is discretionary).
  • Enable “incognito mode”: this function allows you to browse without leaving traces of your browsing data in your browser. Sites will not save your data, pages that you visit will not be saved in your browsing history and new cookies will be eliminated. However incognito mode does not guarantee anonymity on the internet, because it only ensures that browsing data is not saved in the browser, while they are still available to website operators and internet providers.
  • Disable the cookies used for advertising based on your interest: you can manage your choices regarding profiling cookies used by third parties to send you advertisements based on your interests, also by accessing the following sites:


Users can contact Alcantara via the contact details specified above also to exercise, with regard to their personal data, the rights set out in GDPR (Articles 15-22). In particular, concerning such personal data, users have the following rights:

(i) right to be informed about the processing of their personal data;

(ii) right to request access to their personal data;

(iii) right to request correction or deletion of their personal data;

(i) right to object to the processing of their personal data;

(v) right to request the portability of their personal data; and

(vi) right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (Italian Data Protection Authority whose contact details are at the following link:



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