Alcantara and MAXXI project: Nanda Vigo presents Arch/arcology


From Alcantara and MAXXI Architettura collaboration, the Studio Visit program has recently exhibited the monograph by Nanda Vigo entitled "Arch/arcology".

RomeFebruary 2018

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After six years of experimentation with the material and as many group shows, involving more than 30 designers and national or international studios, Alcantara – MAXXI project takes a new and unusual course, renewing its contents.

With the “Studio Visit” program, the exhibitions become monographs and each year a well-established designer is invited to participate and design a space inside the museum that reflects his or her personal interpretation of a work from the permanent collection. The first appointment is from 2 to 25 February 2018 with Nanda Vigo who presents “Arch/arcology” curated by Domitilla Dardi.

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Selected for her research and interior design ability, Nanda Vigo designs for MAXXI a space that visitors can enter and move around in, born as a tribute to the visionary architect Paolo Soleri, whose works are kept in the MAXXI Architettura collection.

In the centre of the hall, composed of three walls designed as a black backdrop open at the front, the designer created a sculpture representing Single Cantilever bridge, one of Soleri’s designs from the 1960s. The walls display three-dimensional developments of some designs that the architect had represented only in drawings. This space/installation which after the exhibition will join the MAXXI Architettura permanent collection, is made entirely of Alcantara, a material that, as always, reveals exceptional application qualities, the same that are required for conceptual research.

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