Alcantara | Sustainability and the new automotive value chain

Alcantara organized and promoted the international symposium titled “Sustainability and the new automotive value chain” together with the Venice International University (VIU) and with the support of Center for Automotive and Mobility Innovation (CAMI) from Ca’ Foscari University as scientific advisor.

In the prestigious seat of the Venice International University, world-leading academic experts, car industry representatives and NGOs – all speakers of international status – debated around the topic of how Sustainability is affecting and will affect the business model of global automotive industry and, as a consequence, its “value chain”, at the aim of defining new perspectives in terms of customer orientation, business models, measuring indicators and, of course, industrial policy.

The conference was structured in round tables that involved the most important sustainability representatives from car makers (Uwe Koser - AUDI AG, Audi Head of Scientific Projects; Patrice-Henry Duchêne - PSA Peugeot Citroën, Head of Social Responsibility Policy; David Tulauskas - General Motors, Director of Sustainability), suppliers ((Michael Heimrich - Recaro Holding, Head of Innovation Management; Thorsten Pinkepank - BASF Group, Corporate Sustainability Relations Director), policy makers (Vincenzo Zezza – Ministry of Economic Development), NGOs and trade associations as the Active Citizenship Network and the World Bank with “Connect4Climate”. Some keynote speeches by academic experts coming from all over the world stimulated dialogue and discussion by a scientific angle:

Prof. Frank Figge - Kedge Business School, Professor of Sustainable Development and CSR.
Christophe Midler - École Politechnique de Paris, Management Research Centre (CRG), Director.
Guido Palazzo - HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne, Director of Strategy, Globalization and Society Department.
John Thøgersen - Aarhus University, Business Administration Dept., Coordinator of Marketing and Sustainability Research Group. 

Greetings and conclusions were entrusted to Umberto Vattani, President of Venice International University, and Andrea Boragno, Chairman and CEO of Alcantara S.p.A.

Sustainability is a strong belief that Alcantara has translated into concrete action for over five years now. Since 2009 Alcantara has drafted an annual Sustainability Report, subjecting it to the thorough control and certification of international institution TÜV SÜD.