Alcantara Concet Store presents its interior collection. Wanderlust.


MilanApril 2017

alcantara interior wanderlust

Alcantara – the undisputed star of the modern lifestyle, acclaimed for the unmistakable luxury touch it gives to cars, yachts and private jets – has transformed its concept store on Via Pietro Verri with a new display focused on its latest interior collection, “Wanderlust”.

German designer Sebastian Herkner drew inspiration from Greek mythology for his unprecedented designs and textures, which many leading Italian furniture producers such as Minotti, Molteni, Eumenes and La Palma have chosen to upholster their iconic pieces. They embody the innate elegance which has always distinguished Italian interior design.

alcantara interior wanderlust 2

The power of this creative energy has generated a living home where interior design and fashion articles, cushions and home collection accessories live side-by-side with sketches and murals executed by the skilled hand of artist and stylist Rebecca Moses, in a perfect blend of fashion and interior design.

An explosion of colour, and cushions are the new jewels! An eclectic style merges with modern and classic vibes and even has a surprising surrealist vein. The “MesDemoiselles”, almost life-like mannequins designed by Rebecca Moses and realized by the famous American mannequin manufacturer Ralph Pucci, take the stage. These exotic, unique ‘girls’ are symbols of an undefined style and beauty. For their Italian adventure, they will be the occupants who welcome and enchant Casa Alcantara’s guests in a celebration of diversity and the global woman.

Once again, Alcantara shows sensitivity towards creative talents from across the world who share a passion for such an exceptionally versatile material.

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