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ParisDecember 2016

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To celebrate its launch, TheArsenale is proud to present three unique products:

TheArsenale First Annual Book

A unique book made of 252 pages featuring the most surprising products in mobility. TheArsenale Annual book includes products from designers such as Ora Ito, Peugeot Design Lab, Hermès, Blitz Motorcycles, Garage Italia, Bandit 9, Hazan motorworks, Glider, Xavier Veilhan and many more. Covered in black Alcantara, and published in English.

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TheArsenale x Nikos Manafis Custom Bike

TheArsenale reveals today a new collaboration, made with Athens-based Industrial designer Nikos Manafis. A rather unique 125cc custom bike, made of fiberglass and Alcantara, which will be produced in a total number of 10 units and available at 10.000 euros on Think of this as a “Back-to-the-Future” bike, a compact café racer that embodies style and substance covering several generations.

TheArsenale x Smart Alcantara

Last but not least, TheArsenale is very proud to introduce a special collaboration with smart, in this special edition featuring full interior cover in blue Alcantara. Durable and stain resistant, Alcantara is the savvy choice of supercar manufacturers, and here it’s been applied to the nippiest motor in the city.

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