Climate HOW: how to Engage Society and Deploy Decarbonization


VeniceFebruary 2019

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On 7 and 8 February, on the Island of San Servolo, Venice, Alcantara organised the fifth edition of the international sustainability symposium, “Climate “How: How to Engage Society and Deploy Decarbonisation“, in partnership with VIU (Venice International University) and with the support of the World Bank Group’s Connect4Climate global partnership program.​ During the workshop, world-famous figures including economists, academics, managers of leading multinationals, writers and journalists discussed the actions that society, on different levels, can take to mitigate climate changes and to build a future of reduced emissions, by changing attitudes and behaviours.​​

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Andrea Boragno concluded the intensive two-day workshop commenting: “We need and want to continue on the pathway of “how”, catalyzing many different cultural and professional backgrounds in pursuing tangible and measurable goals in the field of climate change mitigation and decarbonization”.

Among the conclusions of the workshop, the following ones were underlined:

• policy makers, businesses, the finance sector and citizens should be all fully engaged;

• it is necessary to create a strict collaboration between policy makers and corporations and to do this effectively we need to think both globally and locally, to refresh the global vision with new general principles for what needs to be done;

• international institutions and cross sectoral initiatives need to be energized to address more ambitious issues;

• we need a strong and fresh narrative that can help to break down traditional high-carbon attitudes in business, finance and policy-making. This narrative also requires to consider social matters such as job creation and wealth distribution.

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