Consumer Electronics


Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones offer an unparalleled sensory experience thanks to the soft touch of Alcantara which finishes headband and earpads in 7 delightful colour variations.

Smartphone and Tablet Covers

A’alcantara smartphone and tablet covers, for iPhone and iPad devices, are available in different colors and texture options.

Signature Type Cover Microsoft

A simple tablet cover can be transformed into an exclusive, luxury good, such as the Microsoft Signature Type Cover, Microsoft's latest creation, made entirely of Alcantara®. Rachael Bell, Color & Materials Designer - Microsoft Devices, explains why the material was chosen. Watch the video!

Speaker System SC-3 by Onkyo

Onkyo & Pioneer Marketing Japan Corporation release SC-3(B), a new product in the Onkyo brand speaker system Scepter Series. Dignified baffle finish with Alcantara® that prevents the undesirable echoing of the baffle, and achieves clear sound reproduction and a dignified finish.