— Yet another face of the versatility of Alcantara, able to bring together tradition and innovation with the Italian lifestyle.


Alcantara makes every single creation entirely “custom designed”. The strength of fashion lies in its mutability, in its ability to reinvent itself. And in today's world, invention and progression are inseparable.

Even fashion has learned to expand its horizons by researching each new advancement in the world of materials. Because of this, simply unable to miss out on the potentially infinite repertoire of possibilities offered by Alcantara, from its lightness to its ductility, stylists have used it for clothing as well as accessories (like bags, shoes and belts).

Alcantara allows you to let loose when it comes to inventing “hybrids” and combinations with other prestigious materials: more fabric-like leather, metallic or carbon fibre details, even wood, all with a colour palette that is continually changing and inspiring brand new insights.

The most appealing aspect for designers is the possibility of making everything tailor-made, created exclusively to give shape to every individual project.

Numerous collaborations have arisen around the world thanks to Alcantara’s convergence with fashion.

Various projects have been carried out with both emerging and well-established brands, true “capsule collections” designed by renowned names and created in Alcantara.
Every single time, the material proves itself to be versatile and adaptable to any style.


alcantara lanvin capsule collection 2021 01


Lanvin Capsule Collection

alcantara gcds collection 2022 04


New GCDS Fall/Winter Collection

capsule collection y s alcantara dettaglio abito thumb


Autumn/Winter 2019/20 Capsule Collection

alcantara jewelry swarowski power collection bracialetto doppio avvolgimento thumb


Swarovski Power Collection Bracelet

alcantara fashion limited edition adidas gazelle Slam Jam thumb


Adidas Gazelle Special Edition

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