4th International Symposium on Sustainability "Coping with Change: Global Warming and Decarbonization"


VeniceMarch 2018

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Alcantara S.p.A, first Italian company to get the Carbon Neutrality status and established best practice in the field of Sustainability, organized the Symposium “Coping with Change: Global Warming and Decarbonization” together with the Venice International University.

During this 4th International Symposium on Sustainability two-day workshop, Eastern and Western world-class scientists, economists, academics, managers of top corporations, science writers, governmental and non-governmental organizations evaluated the impact of Global Warming and Decarbonization on people’s live companies’ behavior, communicators’ activities, highlighting the role played by technology and innovations to face this subject.

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The “Coping with Change: Global Warming and Decarbonization” Symposium was broken down into three sessions:

• Session I – “The impact of Global Warming and Carbon Neutrality to Citizens’ life”

• Session II: “Global Warming and Carbon Neutrality: the influence on Corporations’ business models and behaviors”

• Session III: “How should Communication close the gap among science, corporations and people?”

Keynote speeches and a discussion panel were dedicated to each session.

Ambassador Umberto Vattani – President, Venice International University

Prof. Carlo Giupponi – Dean of Venice International University

Lord Nicholas Stern – Professor of Economics and Government and Chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics

Prof. Detlef van Vuuren – Professor of Integrated Assessment of Global Environmental Change at the Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University, Member of the IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Prof. Helmuth Trischler – Head of research at the Deutsches Museum of Munich, Professor of modern history and the history of technology, LMU – Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich

Prof. Massimo Inguscio – President of CNR, Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche

Prof. Andrew Jorgenson – Professor and Chairperson of the Sociology Department at the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, Boston College

Prof. Yasuhiro Daisho – Senior Research Professor / Professor Emeritus Research Organization for Next Generation Vehicles Research Council, Waseda University

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Industry and other organizations contributors:

Mr. Andrea Boragno – CEO & Chairman Alcantara S.p.A

Onorevole Giovanna Melandri – Founder and Chairman of the Human Foundation – Giving and Innovating, Chairman of the MAXXI Foundation – National Museum of XXI Century arts

Dr. Barbara Buchner – Executive Director of Climate Finance program, Climate Policy Initiative

Dr. Georg Kell – Founder and former Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, Chairman of Arabesque Partner

Dr. Daniel Klingenfeld – Head of the Director’s Staff, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Ms. Cecilia Tam – Senior Energy Analyst, International Energy Agency (IEA)

Dr. Hirohide Furutani – Director, Renewable Energy Research Center, Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Deputy Director, Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute

Mr. Ernesto Ciorra – Head of Innovability (Innovation and Sustainability), Enel Group

Dr. Kimitaka Yamane – President, Doctor of Engineering, Yamane Hydrogen Energy Research Laboratory

Dr. Paul Jefferiss – Head of Policy, Long Term Planning and Policy, BP

Mr. Yoshikazu Tanaka – Chief Engineer ZF MS Product Planning Mid-size Vehicle Company, Toyota Motor Corporation

Dr. Hermann Pengg – Head of Project Management e-fuels, Audi AG

Mr. Takashi Moriya – Senior Chief Engineer Technology Development Division 5, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile R&D Center

Mr. Ryo Chishiro – Senior Staff Officer, Hydrogen Project Development Center, Corporate Technology Division, Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Mr. Paul Voosen – Earth and planetary reporter, Science

Mr. Carl Zimmer – Science writer, blogger and columnist at The New York Times

Mr. Alex Kasprak – Science writer, Snopes.com

Mr. Leo Lewis – Tokyo Correspondent of Financial Times

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The “Coping with Change: Global Warming and Decarbonization” Symposium could be followed at the Facebook page “International Symposium on Sustainability”:


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