Alcantara Drives Dreams


In "Alcantara Drives Dreams", the installations take guests on a journey of the mind and spirit, where everyday elements push the boundaries of imagination.

BeijingApril 2018

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Alcantara, ambassador of Italian excellence worldwide, has chosen Beijing and the artistic surroundings of the Chao Hotel in the capital’s chic Sanlitun area to host Alcantara Drives Dreams, an exclusive show to bring luxury lifestyle into reality, curated by revered veteran artist and designer Rebecca Moses.

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Whether it’s driving a convertible dream car or lounging in luxurious furniture or filling a wardrobe with elegantly chic fashion and accessories, Alcantara’s singular Italian material for year-round application is a rarity in its diversity, beauty and luxury.

Alcantara Drives Dreams“, a creative tribute to one of Alcantara’s key assets and distinguishing features – versatility – is held during the Beijing Motor Show to underscore its special relationship with the global automotive industry.

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