Alcantara dresses the Eccentrica concept car


The ‘restomod’ based on the iconic nineties Lamborghini Diablo with exclusive Alcantara interior.

MilanJuly 2023

An exclusive premiere in Milan unveiled the Eccentrica concept car: a very special ‘restomod’ of a Lamborghini Diablo, one of the greatest nineties supercar icons, paying tribute to a great historic model.


Exclusive Alcantara interior

The exclusive interior is characterized by blue Alcantara and leather, conveying the style of those years through their wrap-around lines. More specifically, the squared-off seat design divided into horizontal lines is characterized by the embossed logo with the two crossed C’s repeating to create a decorative line.


The side panel of the seat is also made of Alcantara. This functional decision ensures grip for the driver when cornering and breathability, while lending the seat a timeless refinement.

The central tunnel connected to the dashboard is upholstered in plain Alcantara, again in blu copiativo colour, as are the interior door linings. The seamless dashboard offers a breadth and linearity of perspective that complements the stylish carbon fibre and Alcantara combination.

The project

The project results from the passion of Emanuel Colombini, a Lamborghini collector and successful interior design entrepreneur who wanted to give new form to the supercar that symbolized that decade. The ‘restomod’ aims at a modern interpretation – albeit one anchored to its roots – of the all-analogue, instinctive and extreme driving experience typical of the nineties through a bold, innovative style and tech upgrade.

Design firm BorromeodeSilva and a first-rate team of engineers and technicians also took part in developing this work of automotive art as suppliers.

Eccentrica will also be at the centre of a new international preview at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2023.

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