Alcantara and MAXXI Project 2019 / Studio Visit


For the second edition of the Studio Visit, an iternational design studio dialogues with one with one of the masters of the MAXXI Architettura collection

RomeMarch 2019

alcantara maxxi architettura

The close alliance continues between MAXXI and Alcantara, forged in 2011, with a common and ongoing programme of research, experimentation and dialogue between creativity and innovation. Having organized six group exhibitions involving over thirty designers and national and international firms, the Alcantara – MAXXI Project with the Studio Visit format went solo last year.

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Versatile, functional, ideal for many applications and interpretations, able to collaborate with other materials: these are characteristics that well describe the qualities of the concrete, with which Nervi was a pioneer and unmatchable experimenter in the post-war period, but which are also the properties of Alcantara, a material created to design another future, that of our present.

For each edition, one internationally famous designer or studio is invited to create a space within the National Museum of 21st Century Arts that expresses their interpretation of the work of one of the artists in the Collection.

This year the international design studio Formafantasma was selected, which after consulting the archives of MAXXI Architettura, chose the work of Pier Luigi Nervi, presenting “Nervi in the making”, curated by Domitilla Dardi, a design curator at MAXXI.

The result is an installation that recreates a Chinese box-style environment – physical and mental at the same time – to express the importance of material in the work of a designer.

alcantara maxxi architettura 2
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