Alcantara Night: one night, endless applications


The event was organized by Alcantara during the German Car Of The Year 2022 with an unique and immersive setting to present the characteristics of the material through its main collaborations.

Alsfeld, Hessen, GermanyJuly 2022

Alcantara has chosen Germany and the kick-off day of the car contest “German Car Of The Year” (GCOTY) as the background for the exclusive “Alcantara Night”: an evening to fully show the endless versatility of the material.


On this special occasion, guests were welcomed by a unique and immersive setting: the world of Alcantara came to life through an exhibition of products from some of the main collaborations

the Microsoft Surface Laptop, some garments from the Fashion Collections made with Lanvin and GCDS, the maxi installation of the seat of Lamborghini, the headphones NTH-100 of RØDE, the Adidas Gazelle, the lamps Formagenda and the artworks of Alberto Biasi and Nanda Vigo.

In this way, guests had the chance to experience a journey inside the endless applications of Alcantara, feeling with their own hands how the soft-touch material transform itself, but always maintaining its technological, aesthetic and innovative qualities.

The event also celebrated the first partnership between Alcantara and the GCOTY during the Summer Fest, the first phase of the competition that will end in autumn 2022 with the election of the best German car.

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