Beyond the Surface: Unfolding Dimensions


Alcantara tells a story of innovation, art and versatility for the first time in Singapore with Lanvin, Adidas, Master & Dynamic and Microsoft.

SingaporeJune 2023

Alcantara brings Made in Italy to Singapore for the first time in Southeast Asia with a lifestyle event called Beyond the Surface: Unfolding Dimensions.

The concept

The concept is to offer a holistic view of the Alcantara world: a history of unparalleled innovation, characterised by the ability to combine cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship, demonstrating how the Brand’s strength and added value lie in its enduring relationship with the world of art, its innovative know-how and its attention to aesthetics.


Reinventing and reimagining

Beyond the Surface: Unfolding Dimensions showcases the versatility of Alcantara, which has created a world of infinite possibilities and applications in various luxury sectors such as fashion, hi-tech, interior design, automotive and art.

An intimate, up-close look at Alcantara’s own philosophy and its incredible ability to reinvent and reimagine the contemporary lifestyle.

Guests were welcomed by an immersive environment that brought them into direct contact with the world of Alcantara. The fusion of contemporary functionality and timeless design was illustrated by products resulting from collaborations with leading luxury brands including Lanvin, Adidas, Master&Dynamic and Microsoft.

Art World

Two works by the Italian artist Alberto Biasi and the book ALCANTARA The Material of Art, published by Skira, tell the story of Alcantara’s revolutionary approach to the world of art. The book explores the work of artists and designers from around the world who, together with the brand, have redefined the way art is conceived.

“For most of its history, Alcantara has been an enduring symbol of innovation and we are delighted to share our years of meaningful collaboration with Beyond the Surface: Unfolding Dimensions,’ says Andrea Boragno, Chairman and CEO of Alcantara. “We want our audience to discover what makes Alcantara more than a brand, our philosophy, the material’s endless customisation possibilities and its ability to combine style with technology, functionality and emotion.”

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