Through Alcantara. The Beauty of Innovation: Alcantara installation at the ADI Design Museum


Alcantara presents a creative installation, inspired by the Lewis Carrol novel, at the Design Museum in Milan for the 2023 Car Design Awards.

MilanApril 2023

Through Alcantara. The Beauty of Innovation is the name of the installation on display at the ADI Design Museum in Milan. It was inaugurated on April 18 to coincide with the 2023 Car Design Awards, an award ceremony organised since 1984 by the magazine Auto & Design to recognise projects that have contributed significantly to the evolution of automotive design.

Video of the installation at the ADI Design Museum in Milan

Inspiration and concept

The creative installation, on display at ADI throughout Design Week, is inspired by Through the Looking-Glass, Lewis Carroll’s visionary novel and sequel to Alice in Wonderland.

The name is designed to evoke the concept of crossing a border and discovering on the other side a wonderful world to explore, which enchants and inspires.


Sustainability, innovation and vision

The installation prompts guests to enter the Alcantara world to discover the brand’s unique and innovative nature combined with its serious and certified commitment to sustainability.

Mirrored walls adorned with the company’s “mantras” (sustainability, innovation and vision) and the interactive LED screens which illustrate them frame the spectacular and impressive three-dimensional installation consisting of material drapes unrolled and hung at various heights.

The three-dimensional and all-encompassing sensory experience sees the tactile material take over the space, which it transcends through the infinite number of possible colours, textures and processes.

The opening event was attended by the design community as well as the trade press and personalities from the automotive world

Where design, sustainability, innovation, performance, luxury and tailoring are concerned, Alcantara unquestionably takes centre-stage, combining the state-of-the art with unique technical, aesthetic and sensory performance.

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