Alcantara presents its first book about art


ALCANTARA La materia dell’arte (Alcantara: the material of art): Luca Masia's book tells the story of Alcantara's journey and the world of art.

MilanDecember 2022

ALCANTARA La materia dell’arte, (Alcantara: the material of art) published by Skira Editore and edited by Luca Masia, recounts the birth and development of the special relationship between Alcantara and the world of art and creativity.

The book was presented in Milan at an exclusive event held at the PAC (Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea: museum of contemporary art). Against a backdrop of real-life installations and playful prints, guests were able to immerse themselves in Alcantara’s extraordinary journey through the world of arts.

Alcantara book

From the very start Alcantara has enjoyed positive collaborations with designers and creatives all over the world, across the most varied areas of design, taking on a proactive role in its relations with creators and understanding the possibility of engaging with them to seek new forms of expression and potential applications.

Edited by advertising creative and writer Luca Masia and featuring a preface by Andrea Boragno, the book ALCANTARA. La materia dell’arte is on sale in Italy in the main booksellers and museum shops at a price of 50 euros; It will be available abroad starting from spring 2023.


Like the alphabet, Alcantara has become a medium that encompasses combinations of letters that form sentences or whole languages to convey emotions: in the world of design, fashion and art, an area in which relationships deepen and become stronger year after year, it has developed fruitful collaborations with prestigious museum and arts institutions from the most diverse of cultures.


One emblematic example is the cultural partnership with the MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo (national museum of 21st-century art). This has been ongoing for more than 10 years, and Alcantara has developed a new model of artistic co-production with the museum.

A further example came in the form of exhibitions held between 2015 and 2020 at Milan’s Palazzo Reale, where artists from a range of disciplines (the visual arts, fashion and industrial design, musicians, directors, videomakers, architects and designers) explored Alcantara’s infinite forms of expression.

We’re excited to present this publication from Skira Editore that documents Alcantara’s activity in the arts world: a long journey where every point of arrival actually represents a point of departure

Andrea Boragno, Chairman and CEO of Alcantara.

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