Material. Touch. Versatility. Technology. Invention. Made in Italy. Sustainability. Lifestyle. Art. Fashion. Luxury. Research.

These key words describe Alcantara’s multi-faceted universe, capable of dressing both an individual and the industry with a uniqueness that is simply unparalleled.Alcantara is much more than a brand. It is where ethics and design unite, in a material that is constantly evolving and ever-changing. The Company was founded in Italy, and it brings Italian values to every corner of the globe. As a material that combines aesthetics and performance, Alcantara is a tool with a contemporary, global, and kaleidoscopic style.

Alcantara is the magic word that opens the door to an emotional feel, one that steers design towards new horizons of experimentation. The use of this material continues apace, tirelessly moving forward on an evolutionary journey, facilitated by an unrelenting search for new frontiers of application. The influence of Alcantara extends into the sphere of international taste, lending a touch of originality – the core component of its DNA – to strategies, events, initiatives and charity projects.


Respect for the environment. Commitment to research. Investment in the future. For Alcantara, sustainability is not a side effect, but rather a key requirement.

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Out of the Blue, A Journey into Calligraphy through Alcantara

"Out of the Blue, A Journey into Calligraphy through Alcantara", curated by Dagmar Carnevale Lavezzoli and Katie Hill, is an exhibition promoted and produced by the Municipality of Milan – Culture Department, by the Royal Palace of Milan and by Alcantara S.p.A., devised especially for the Apartment of the Princes
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bmw-i8-roadster-limelight-edition-con-particolari-ancantara-7 - bmw-i8-roadster-limelight-edition-con-particolari-ancantara-7

Alcantara and BMW together for the i8 Roadster LimeLight Edition

The one-off that combines exclusivity and sustainability
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Alcantara and Y's: presented the new Capsule Collection 2019

The second cooperation between Alcantara and Y's has been presented
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