Generating Visions
Alcantara in the Arts


Triennale Milano and Alcantara present a special exhibition curated by Damiano Gullì: an unprecedented journey through the historical archive of Alcantara.

MilanApril 2024

For the first time at Triennale Milano, Alcantara presents Generating Visions. Alcantara In the Arts: a unique story recounting the Italian brand’s longstanding experimentation in the world of art, design and theatre.

Damiano Gullì, curator for contemporary art and the Triennale public programme, curates the exhibition, which offers an unprecedented dialogue between Alcantara and several Italian and international artists.
From different generations, practices and poetics, over the years the following artists have explored and expressed the infinite creative potential of the material through their works: Yuri Ancarani, Alberto Biasi, Zhang Chun Hong, Qin Feng, Soundwalk Collective, Nanda Vigo and Lorenzo Vitturi.

Alberto Biasi

Torsione Sovrapposta (Overlapping Twist)

The common thread is the relationship between material and art: in Torsione Sovrapposta, a work by Alberto Biasi that opens the exhibition, the artist continues his investigation into our perception of reality, generating alienating and changing optical effects in response to even the slightest shift in the observer’s point of view.

Yuri Ancarani

The Future Landscape

The video The Future Landscape by Yuri Ancarani focuses on the material’s dynamic movements, highlighting its vivid sensorial nature, transforming it into fluidly flowing waves.

alcantara_GeneratingVisions_Yuri Ancarani
Qin Feng

Infinity of Temples

In Qin Feng’s Infinity of Temples, the spontaneity of the calligraphic movement releases a primordial energy, expressing the Taoist philosophical principle of Wu Wei: “effortless action”.

alcantara_GeneratingVisions_Qin Feng
Zhang Chun Hong


In Fall by Zhang Chun Hong, nature, body and calligraphy become one. Starting from an allusion to the long hair of a woman, painted according to the Gongbi style – a Chinese realist painting technique, characterised by great attention to detail – the artist uses Alcantara to build a sculptural installation that evokes life force, sexual energy, growth and beauty.

Lorenzo Vitturi

The Garden Inside the Thread

Working on the alteration of proportions through different passages from micro to macro, in The Garden Inside the Thread Lorenzo Vitturi has enlarged portions of images derived from shots of the various production stages of Alcantara material and transformed them into multiform sculptures with iridescent colours, breathing life into a psychedelic and dreamlike garden.

alcantara_GeneratingVisions_Lorenzo Vitturi
Nanda Vigo


Sci-fi imagery and architectural design merge: with Arch/Arcology, Nanda Vigo transforms a 1960s layout plan drawing by architect Paolo Soleri into a three-dimensional reality.

Soundwalk Collective


Soundwalk Collective’s sound work, Resonance, is based on an alienating encounter between the artificial and the natural: a soundtrack arising from the reworking of mechanical and ambient noises that are part of the production of Alcantara material.


Alcantara as an integral part of the creative process

Each work displays Alcantara’s ability to establish an open, inventive and experimental dialogue with the avant-garde in all artistic practices, thereby becoming an integral part of the creative process – not only as a medium for artists to interpret their visions, but as a generator of those visions.

Alcantara and the Arts of our Time

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