Luxury meets performance: the extreme customisation of Alcantara meets the Maserati MC20.


Alcantara and Maserati MC20, a story of customisation and craftsmanship.

MilanApril 2022

Alcantara® forges ahead in its exploration of new horizons of style and customisation, combining technology, beauty and functionality in innovative and surprising ways.

The Maserati MC20 is the next chapter in this constant evolution of the soft-touch material that dresses its interior, creating an eye-catching and pleasantly tactile effect, and making this super sports car even more exclusive.

maserati alcantara luxury meets performance 01
maserati alcantara interiors 01

This story of customisation was the main attraction at the “Luxury meets performance” event, where Alcantara and Maserati celebrated the bond that has united the two brands, both of which have always represented top-quality craftsmanship and Made in Italy production.

Proudly on display in the centre of the prestigious courtyard of the Frame Condé Nast Experience Store in Milan, guests were invited to see and touch the Alcantara concept of extreme customisation in the seats and door panels of the MC20 super sports car.

The car’s interior set the tone for the location, which was transformed into a canvas in Alcantara, on which illustrator Pietro Mazza told a visual story of sinuous lines and odometers.

This event allowed guests to experience first-hand the versatility, craftsmanship and custom-designed aesthetic research that is the result of a joint partnership between designers at the Centro Stile Maserati and the designers and technical experts at Alcantara Complex Manufacturing, a special unit that develops extreme customisation, providing the customer with the upholstery-ready finished product.

andrea boragno alcantara pietro mazza
alcantara maserati artist pietro mazza

“Collaborating with brands of the calibre of Maserati, which, like Alcantara, combine technology and craftsmanship, emotion and performance, is always a source of pride. Thanks to its 100% Made in Italy quality and the company’s experience in customisation, Alcantara is chosen by the most admired brands in the world.”

Andrea Boragno, CHAIRMAN & CEO Alcantara.

Alcantara also goes beyond the automotive world, creating tailor-made designs for customers in various luxury sectors, extending the versatility of its product from interior design to fashion, hi-tech and contemporary art.

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